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Soundscape: Ninth Street Area in front of The Shops at Erwin Mills

A recording of the mid-day Saturday afternoon traffic on Ninth Street. Cars pass, as people park and walk down the Ninth Street consumer area.…see more

Soundscape: Duke University Laundry Room, Washer and Dryer Machines

Sound recording of washers and dryers tumbling in a college dorm laundry room, as well as a vending machine and footsteps.see more

Soundscape: Windy Afternoon, Birds, Generator Fans, Airplane Flying Over University Drive, Durham

Early February, one cold afternoon, the low buzz of the generator fans, slightly masked by the wind, gets interrupted by the sound of airplane flying…see more

Soundscape: washing machine at the Alexander Avenue laundry room

The very end of a wash cycle in a washing machine in the Alexander Avenue laundry room on Duke University's Central Campus. As the wash cycle ended,…see more

Water Bottle

Sound recording of the self-sealing spout of an upright 32 oz. Gatorade Squeeze Water Bottle filled a quarter of the way with water being squeezed to…see more

Tapping Nails

Sound recording of medium sized acrylic nails tapping on a wooden desk. Recorded on a Zoom.see more


Sound recording of a Duke student smoking a cigarette on Duke University East Campus. The sound includes that of a student packing a cigarette pack…see more

Water Boiler

Sound recording of a electric kettle (Cuckoo) boiling water in Pegram, Duke University. Recorded on an IPhone 5s.see more

Soundscape: Running Track and Road

Sound recording of a brisk day on the Duke East Campus running track. Runners jog by as cars can be heard passing them. In the background birds chirp…see more

Keys That Sound Like Glass

I have a habit of spinning and snapping my keychain against my palm. For the sake of the recording, I repeated this action for twenty seconds. The…see more