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Radio Haiti

Jean Dominique and Michele Montas report from Miami on the growing presence of Haitian immigrants, here called 'boat people,' in creole for a…see more

Man Speaks with Electrolarynx

A patient who has been laryngectomized, and therefore no longer has a voice box, speaks with the help of his electrolarynx. Recorded from a…see more

Haitian Kreyòl Prayer

A Haitian man yells “Jezi sove meeem” in Haitian Kreyol, which translates to “Jesus save me!” The participant was recording audio for the…see more

“Please Hang Up and Try Again” Dial Tone

his is a recording of an automated phone operator recording. This recording is played when a call fails or there is a technical difficulty. This is a…see more

Glass Window Smashed with a Rock

This sound captures the smashing of two windows using a tool. The video from which this sound was originally adapted is a demonstration of breaking a…see more

[Warning: Sensitive Content] Haitian Police Order Protesters

An audio excerpt from footage shot by the Associated Press of a public protest over fuel price hikes in Port-au-Prince. Shouts can be heard from the…see more

Boeing 777 Airplane Takeoff

A recording of the sound of a GE-90 Boeing 777 airplane engine as it takes off.
see more

Conch Shell Sounding

A Haitian man sitting on a rock between two trees blows into a conch shell. The video itself is entitled "In the Mountains Beyond Mountains of Haiti."…see more

Funeral Procession in Haiti

The original video is entitled "Haitian Christian Funeral Procession." Hundreds of people in Milot, Haiti walk down a dirt road in two lines. Many of…see more

Thinking Out Loud Cover

Excerpt of a cover done by French-Lebanese singer Anthony Touma of Ed Sheeran song Thinking Out Loud. Touma was a finalist on popular music…see more