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Crashbar Door

Sound recording of the door from the Duke University Lily Library with a crashbar opening and closing. Recorded with Zoom4HN.see more


I was printing a 50 page paper for my art history class. I I found it interesting how the sounds created by the printer, a machine, sounded like the…see more


Water of a normal pressure setting coming out of a shower head, water, rain, spoutsee more


Sound of opening and closing an umbrella in Randolph dorm on Duke University East Campus. With careful listening, the material, kind and use of this…see more


Sound recording of Vornado Air V-Fan in Duke Univeristy, Pegram. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.see more

Wooden Floor

Sound recording of walking around the wooden floor of a dorm room while wearing shoes. Recorded on a Zoom H4N. see more

Soundscape: Ninth Street Area in front of The Shops at Erwin Mills

A recording of the mid-day Saturday afternoon traffic on Ninth Street. Cars pass, as people park and walk down the Ninth Street consumer area.…see more

Soundscape: Duke University Laundry Room, Washer and Dryer Machines

Sound recording of washers and dryers tumbling in a college dorm laundry room, as well as a vending machine and footsteps.see more

Soundscape: Windy Afternoon, Birds, Generator Fans, Airplane Flying Over University Drive, Durham

Early February, one cold afternoon, the low buzz of the generator fans, slightly masked by the wind, gets interrupted by the sound of airplane flying…see more

Soundscape: washing machine at the Alexander Avenue laundry room

The very end of a wash cycle in a washing machine in the Alexander Avenue laundry room on Duke University's Central Campus. As the wash cycle ended,…see more