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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A clip of the suspenseful music that plays during Captain American action scenessee more

Dinobot Screech

The sound is from movie trailer for the 2014 science fiction action film, Transformers: Age of Extinctionsee more

Sootball Minion noises

These little creatures were enlisted via magic to help with the boiler room in Spirited away. They have an atypical sound about them that is used to…see more

Medicaid Expansion

Sound recording of a segment of an interview taken at the Moral March in Raleigh North Carolina regarding Medicaid Expansion. see more

Sipping Water

The sound of someone sipping water from a cupsee more

Ambulance Siren

A sound recording of an ambulance siren driving by on the highway. see more

Heart Monitor Beep

The sound of a heart monitor beeping as it monitors a human heartbeat. see more

Taking Prescription Medications

Sound recording of opening a pill bottle, pouring out a pill, and closing the bottle again. see more

LGBT Advocacy

College student at Moral March in North Carolina spoke about LGBT issuesee more

Lightsaber fighting sound effects

A lightsaber fighting scene between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backsee more

Sound effects of Wall-E and Eve's Final Scene

Wall-E (2008), an animated feature film directed by Andrew Stanton, composed by Thomas Newman, and the primary sound designer was Ben Burtt.

This…see more

Optimus Prime's transformation

an sound effects of Optimus Prime's Transformation from automobile to robot in Transformers:Dark of the Moon (directed by Michael Bay)see more

The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)

The theme music in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, as known as the Darth Vader's themesee more

Main Title-Star Wars Theme Song

The main title theme music for every Star Wars film.see more