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Sound recording of the Avett Brothers performing "Bella Donna" retrieved from youtube:

This recording is of the acoustic guitar playing in the song "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters. The excerpt features the progression into the chorus. The picking of the strings as well as finger motion over the frets and strings are audible. The…

Studio recording of Dave Grohl performing an acoustic version of "Everlong". It features a softer voice than the original version and simple instrumentation of just an acoustic guitar. This selection focuses on the chorus towards the end of the song.…

Sound Recording of Dave Grohl and the rest of Foo Fighters performing their song "Everlong" and the Hollywood Forum on January 11, 2015. It is a live performance with loud instrumentation and vocals. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Sound recording of Camille Bertault singing in a scat-like style John Coltrane's tenor saxophone solo in in the song, Giant Steps. Recorded on YouTube.

his is a recording of an automated phone operator recording. This recording is played when a call fails or there is a technical difficulty. This is a standard operator recording that is seen in most phone systems, although there may be slight…

An audio excerpt from footage shot by the Associated Press of a public protest over fuel price hikes in Port-au-Prince. Shouts can be heard from the mob at the beginning of the recording, followed by orders from a Haitian policeman speaking through a…

Two 130 size motors revving up to speed. The motors are powered by two 4.2V lithium cells.

Recording done with a Zoom H4N.

18th century symphony (with fugue) which features learned style with very sophisticated contrapuntal techniques and fugal passages.

This recording captured the unique recorded message and musical jingles of the Denver International Airport Train. This train travels underground to take passengers to different terminals. In the tunnel, small fans are mounted on the walls that spin…

This is the sound of opening up an umbrella and walking through the rain on the sidewalk in the heart of downtown Durham, NC.

Recording of sound produced by rain boots during heavy rain near the intersection of W Main St and N Duke St a late afternoon. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Sound recording of Eric Mastrolonardo playing "If You Find Her" by Future Of Forestry on an acoustic guitar
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Sound recording of Eric Mastrolonardo playing the C major scale on an acoustic guitar
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Folk duo, Stray Owls, preforming the song, "Franklin Borough." The performance consists of the duo playing steel-stringed acoustic guitars (plugged into amplifiers), and singing. Recorded by a Zoom H4N.

This melody is the famous opera piece L'amour est un oiseau rebelle in opera Carmen. It is performed in acoustic piono without lyric.

Sound recording of Ashley Ericson, an acting student, and her scene partner Peyton Dilweg performing a scene from the play Hedda Gabler. This scene involves a performance of frustration. Recorded on an zoom H4N.

My recording recording illustrates “Trio Sonata I in Eb Major”-Adagio Movement By: Johann Sebastian Bach. In this piece I am showing the practice method of chunking. Chunking is a method of slowly drilling one-two measures at a time. It is…

This is a clip from an aerobic class taught at the YMCA titled "HEAT!"

Excerpt from the Blind Boys of Alabama's 2001 song, "Run On For a Long Time," on their album Spirit of the Century. The song is a gospel rendition of the traditional folk song "Run On."

Sound recording an air conditioning running. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of an airplane pilot announcing traditional protocol after landing his airplane in the Raleigh, Durham airport.

In line at the airport to come back to Duke from fall break, security in the background, recorded from iPhone 6

Sound recording of Tannya Cai playing Blue Bossa by Kenny Dorham on an alto saxophone
Recorded on a Zoom recorder

Sound recording of Tannya Cai playing the C major scale on an alto saxophone
Recorded on a Zoom recorder

The trombone was still a relatively new instrument, having only developed from the sackbut sometime in the late 1600's/early 1700's, when Michael Haydn composed his Serenade. Because of how new the instrument was the trombone was rarely featured as a…

A sound recording of an ambulance siren driving by on the highway.

Sound of recording of a person asking "Amen" when giving a political speech at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.

The inside water sounded similar to someone gargling moutwash. Of the water recordings analyzed, it is one of the most loud and powerful underwater sounds. Again, as might be expected, no human factors can be distinguished.

The water in this recording sounds powerful and a low rumbling can be heard. Despite the presence of human factors near the rapids, very few (if any) can be distinguished.

The water under the stream also sounded powerful, and the jumps of the recorder in and out of the stream made for an interesting slurping sound.

The main waterfall at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham.

An excerpt from a song project featuring recorded guitar and piano tracks

Piano recorded with Zoom H4N. Guitar recorded with Apogee JAM with Logic Pro effects and amplification.

Recording of The Andy Griffith Show theme song, "The Fishin' Hole."

An excerpt from a piece composed in 1975 at Oberlin College for a Anti-Vietnam War media event produced and directed by Herbert Blau

An arioso is a style of delivery in singing that is more melodic than a recitative while being less formally structured than an aria.

Sound recording on Zoom device explaining the hows and whys of audience participation in spoken word.

Sound recording of the audience at a rap concert responding in rhythm to a song; the performer purposefully omits a word, which the audience repeats to "fill in." Omitting a word, prompting the audience to fill in the empty space with that word, is a…

Sound recording on Zoom audio recorder of Destiny Hemphill performing spoken word poetry and receiving snaps from the audience as a form of appreciation.