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The recording is the sound of a man casting his line into the Eno River. The sound of the river is present, and when listening closely one can hear the casting of the line. The sound piece was recorded on a clear, windy day. The recording device was…

Recording of the noise of people talking, combined with the sounds of clinking dishes, chairs creaking, and other common restaurant/bar occurrences. Recorded on an iPhone 5s

A cup being filled with soda at a fast food soda machine. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.

The ventilation system near the front entrance of the Bell Tower Dormitory on Duke University East Campus.

About 4:50pm at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC. Over the waves, wind, and a noisy barge passing by, a variety of birds can be heard-each with a unique voice that fills the soundscape.

Sound recording of washers and dryers tumbling in a college dorm laundry room, as well as a vending machine and footsteps.

Close to a train track in Durham North Carolina just after the rain. The sound of the train masks the preexisting anthrophony of the environment. The high humidity causes a refraction of the sound. Recorded in between two soundscapes - the outside…

A recording of the mid-day Saturday afternoon traffic on Ninth Street. Cars pass, as people park and walk down the Ninth Street consumer area. Recorded with Zoom H4N.

Sound recording of a brisk day on the Duke East Campus running track. Runners jog by as cars can be heard passing them. In the background birds chirp loudly. Recorded with a Zoom H4N.

The very end of a wash cycle in a washing machine in the Alexander Avenue laundry room on Duke University's Central Campus. As the wash cycle ended, the heater in the room turned on. Only one washing machine was on. This recording was taken around…

Early February, one cold afternoon, the low buzz of the generator fans, slightly masked by the wind, gets interrupted by the sound of airplane flying over, its decay to be accompanied by chirps of birds in the background.