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An excerpt from a song project featuring recorded guitar and piano tracks

Piano recorded with Zoom H4N. Guitar recorded with Apogee JAM with Logic Pro effects and amplification.

Recording of The Andy Griffith Show theme song, "The Fishin' Hole."

An excerpt from a piece composed in 1975 at Oberlin College for a Anti-Vietnam War media event produced and directed by Herbert Blau

An arioso is a style of delivery in singing that is more melodic than a recitative while being less formally structured than an aria.

Sound recording on Zoom device explaining the hows and whys of audience participation in spoken word.

Sound recording of the audience at a rap concert responding in rhythm to a song; the performer purposefully omits a word, which the audience repeats to "fill in." Omitting a word, prompting the audience to fill in the empty space with that word, is a…

Sound recording on Zoom audio recorder of Destiny Hemphill performing spoken word poetry and receiving snaps from the audience as a form of appreciation.

This is the sound made when rewinding an audio cassette tape on the tape deck of a 3-cd disk changer stereo sound system. One can hear manual starting and stopping of the rewinding process by pushing down the rewind button with an index finger. …

Sound recording of a Georgia-Pacific Cormatic automatic paper towel dispenser (the standard model in bathrooms throughout the East Campus dormitories of Duke University). Recorded in a bathroom of Southgate Residence Hall on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

A sound recording of a small stone avalanche.

Sound recording of a newborn child crying at various volumes and frequencies.

Sound recording of a duet performance of Frank Loesser's "Baby it's Cold Outside". The duet consists of a male and a female singer.

Recording of backgrounds sounds of people's talk and music at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.

Sound recording of a backpack opening, unpacking, packing and closing.

Sound recording of a person zipping up a backpack. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Recording of a John Deere 630 tractor and John Deere 336 baler baling hay and kicking the bales into a wagon cart. Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by DanDem34.

Sound recording of ballad singer, Dellie Chandler Norton singing "Early, Early in the Spring."

A ballet student jumping and walking on his toes on hard wood floor with some ambient noise.

A ballerina improvises in her point shoes after class. She dances in a marley floored studio. Her shoes are well worn; the paper mache and glue that make up the shoes are soft. They make a soft crinkling noise. Her movements are skillful and…

Sound recording of a large balloon being popped with a knife

Sound recording of a man banging on a pot

Sound recording of the beep made during checkout by the grocery store scanner, made at Harris Teeter.

Crowd cheering and chanting towards the end of the first Duke home game of the season, as they beat Siena 92-74. Recorded on iPhone 6.

Recording sound of a basketball game between two student's teams on Wilson Centre. Sound of the ball and the players yelling. Also the sound of the whistle of the referee. It is also recorded the sound of the eco on the court and the sound of the…

Sound recording of Julian Xie playing "Sterics" by Racemate on a bass guitar
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Sound recording of Julian Xie playing the C major scale on a bass guitar
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Bass-baritone aria, Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre, known as Toreador Song. It is another famous aria from opera Carmen. An audio excerpt from a Youtube video.

Sound recording of Joe Vosburgh playing an excerpt from "Hedwig's Theme" in Harry Potter on a bassoon
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Sound recording of Joe Vosburgh playing the C major scale on a bassoon
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Woman beating a pan in protest while screaming. A Haitian form of protest.

The recoding is a rhythmic repetition of the kick drum (b) and the snare drum (pf) sounds in beatboxing. Recording was done by a Duke Student who is an amateur beatboxer in his room. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Sound recording of the voice of Josh Kalejaye - a member of Duke University's Pitchforks (an all male, a cappella group). Recorded on a ZoomH4N.

Sound recording of Greg Pattillo playing his flute while simultaneously beatboxing the Inspector Gadget theme song. Recorded on YouTube.

Sound recording of Josh Kalejaye explaining the four basic sounds he uses in any given song. Recorded on a ZoomH4N.

Two mechanical pencils were used as percussion instruments with AC conditioning as background noise. I created a few simple rhythms on an adjacent table. Recorded with Lenovo Thinkpad E550 laptop.

A recording of Emily Monroe on the violin and Dmitri Shteinberg on the piano performing the first movement of Beethoven's Sonata no. 4 in A Minor in Crawford Hall at UNCSA. Recorded on a Zoom H4.

Una entrevista en que Fernando Carvajal habla de la importancia de la colaboración para su grupo MalPaso Dance Company. (An interview in which Fernando Carvajal speaks about the importance of collaboration for his group MalPaso Dance Company.

Sound recording of the Duke University Chapel bells playing on Sunday morning as heard from the chapel steps.

This is a sample of the sounds overheard at the Chronicle from the Bhangra practice next door. The Chronicle's office is located on the third floor of the Flowers building adjacent to the West Campus Chapel. The performance room, from which the…