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Sound recording of the Duke women's basketball looker room. It includes music, the sound of plastic bags with food, players talking to each other, and the sound of the lookers. It is the real atmosphere of the players in the team.

Recording of a Speed Queen Industrial Washer in the Blackwell Residence Hall laundry room running a hot water cycle with four quarters inside. A stereo pair of contact mics by JrL were attached to the soap drawer and base of the machine, while a Zoom…

El principio de la canción “Bonito y Sabroso” por el famoso cantante cubano Beny Moré. Grabado en computadora con la aplicación Audacity. / The beginning of the song "Bonito y Sabroso" by the famous Cuban singer Beny Moré. Recorded on a…

This is the sound of a customer sorting through Magic: The Gathering trading cards. The sound was recorded in Oberlin's local comic and board game shop, Infinite Monkey Comics & Games.

The sound recording is of the song "Oh, My Lord" from the motion picture "Glory." The recording is a portrayal of a pre-battle song by the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, one of the first African American units during the Civil War,…

Sound recording of a GE 40-watt A19 style light bulb shattering after being dropped on a cement floor

Sound recording of a large balloon being popped with a knife

Audio recording of a cedar cabinet door slamming

The entrance bells and chimes at Morgan Imports (a unique establishment right next to Brightleaf Square that boasts an eclectic array of items for sale) ring merrily as people walk in and out of the store. Toward the end, the sounds of cars rushing…

The sound of water running in a small stream under a wooden bridge at Durham Central Park. Far off in the distance, the sounds of teenagers at the skate park next to Central Park are audible. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.

On a bright and cold Sunday morning, a few families bring their children to the playground at Durham Central Park. Off in the distance are also teenagers enjoying their weekend at the skate park up the hill from the playground. Birds chirp happily in…

The bright sound of birds chirping outside of the barbershop, with the sounds of cars driving by serving as a backdrop. Recorded using a Zoom H4n.

Sound recording of a brisk day on the Duke East Campus running track. Runners jog by as cars can be heard passing them. In the background birds chirp loudly. Recorded with a Zoom H4N.

A guy spinning and stepping on a carpeted floor.

Sound recording of successive gun firing.

Sound recording of an anonymous spanish-speaking gentleman speaking about his opinion and feelings concerning traditional Bambuco music. The Bambuco has a rich and colorful history in Colombia as it is derived from a multitude of cultures and…

Bambuco is a traditional style of music in Colombian culture. Considered a mix of various cultures and regions, the Bambuco is a symbol of unity and one of similarity to numerous individuals of the country. Known to be a favorite style of music for…

Sound recording of a Duke University student playing the acoustic guitar in a residence hall common room. Playing a personal instrument such as the guitar is quite a common pastime among students while attempting to relax and take a break. Being…

A song sung by African-American inmates on chaingang as they cut wood.

Recording of footsteps over freshly-fallen snow, wearing winter boots with sturdy-tread soles. The sidewalk, located in the quiet Park Avenue district of Rochester, was covered with "dry" lake effect snow which fell continuously for approximately six…

Recording of the last call at a friendly neighborhood pub frequented by young adults. This is the last opportunity for patrons to order drinks from bartenders. Proprietors switch dim lighting to bright and turn off music and televised sports or other…

Sound recording of go-karts leaving starting line at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. This race, the Margay Sprint Championship, is the first of the series in the World Karting Association Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers…

A patient who has been laryngectomized, and therefore no longer has a voice box, speaks with the help of his electrolarynx. Recorded from a demonstration video for medical purposes

Sound recording of neckbones, a brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, and rib tips being cooked on an open bit barbecue. Open pit barbecue involves slowly smoking the meat, having the meat juices drop into the heat source, and then allowing the smoke to…

This audio recording is of the large ensemble Cantata Singers rehearsal on October 2nd, 2015. We were rehearsing Johan Sebastian Bach's Magnificat in D Major for an upcoming performance with the orchestra (another Large Ensemble) taking place in…

Sound recording of a person zipping up a backpack. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of library stacks mechanically moving along tracks on the floor. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a textbook page being flipped. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a pen clicking. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a person typing on a computer keyboard. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording an air conditioning running. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a door opening. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a DukeCard being swiped and read by an ePrint printer card reader. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a printer. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a pen dropping. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a cough. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of a person chewing cereal. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder

Sound recording of a person crinkling a plastic bag. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.

Sound recording of a cell phone vibrating. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder

Sound recording of a person writing with a pen on paper. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder