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Sound recording of a student opening and closing the metal zippers of two different sizes on a book bag. Recorded by a Zoom microphone.

Excerpt of a piece written by Ana Patricia Martínez Huichim in Yucatec Maya. Recorded on a Zoom H4N

Sound recording of DREAMers chanting at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.

Esta canción tiene un lugar especial en mi corazón. Es la canción que fue usado para el funeral de mi abuelo hace como dos años. El vivía en Guatemala con el resto de mi familia y yo lo admiraba. Siempre cuando iba a Guatemala, el era el que me…

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Sound recording of a xylophone being played.

A sound recording of using chalk to write on a chalkboard as well as using an eraser to remove the writing.

A recorded excerpt from a World War I History Channel documentary, Promises and Betrayals, which summarizes a secret agreement between England and France to split control over the Middle East in accordance to newly chosen borders.

Recorded on a…

Compiled recordings to emulate the sounds in a Quad in Oberlin College.

A song sung by African-American inmates on chaingang as they cut wood.

Sound recording of walking around the wooden floor of a dorm room while wearing shoes. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

This was recorded in peters hall from the perspective of someone walking on an old wood floor with an IPhone 4.

A close-up sound of a woman reciting poetry emphasizing her wondering emotions with the phrasing of the words. These emotions are enhanced with the usage of dramatic pauses, which contrast to the way people typically speak in conversations.

Sound of pulling up and releasing down window blinds by hand in Randolph dorm on Duke University East Campus. With careful listening and knowledge of mechanics, the listener is able to predict the direction of blinds movement. Recorded on a Zoom H4n.

A recording of the UNCSA wind ensemble rehearsing “City Trees” by Michael Markowski in UNCSA SMC167. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.

Sound clip of wooden wind chimes. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.

Sound clip of metal wind chimes. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.

Sound recording of a broken speaker system emitting a whistling sound when it is turned on, without music playing. Recorded on an Zoom H4N.

Vocal Coach explaining what whistle tones are, how they are physically achieved and what makes them unique.
Sourced from Youtube

Sound recording of Oberlin students lifting weights in Phillips Physical Education Center. Recorded on an iPhone 5c.

Sound recording of the Philips Gym weight room at Oberlin College. Recorded on an iPhone 5S.

The huffing and puffing of the various weight room occupants is only rivaled in volume to the manly clanking of metal weights hitting each other…

Sound recording of a waterphone, played by Todd Barton. The waterphone is an instrument that was invented by Richard Waters. When played with a violin bow (as it is in this recording) it creates an eerie, otherworldly sound that is often used to…

Sound recording a water fountain running. Recorded on an iPhone 5.

Sound recording of water (from rain) dripping slowly on a leaf under the archway in Bell Tower (on East Campus, Duke University). The leaf is in a puddle so it is moving around slowly as the water from the overpass slowly drips into it. The leaf is…

Bubbles created from an office water dispenser. The sound is the bubbles rising in the tank after water has been taken out of it to drink.

Sound recording of the self-sealing spout of an upright 32 oz. Gatorade Squeeze Water Bottle filled a quarter of the way with water being squeezed to release the air in the bottle. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.

Sound recording of a electric kettle (Cuckoo) boiling water in Pegram, Duke University. Recorded on an IPhone 5s.

Recording of a Speed Queen Industrial Washer in the Blackwell Residence Hall laundry room running a hot water cycle with four quarters inside. A stereo pair of contact mics by JrL were attached to the soap drawer and base of the machine, while a Zoom…

Short clip of a "warm" sounding bass guitar being played, where "warm" is a qualitative descriptor used in audio engineering and music production.

Sound recording of walking across a metal bridge of children's playground set. The bridge consists of separate panels connected together to form a loose bridge that swings and creaks as one walks across. Recorded with Zoom H4N.

Pitch variation in a sung/spoken sermon by Rev. Audrey F. Bronson recorded in Philadelphia in the Church of the Open Door.

This is a recording of a Duke a cappella group warming up for rehearsal. They are using the traditional do, ray, me warm up in preparation for a Christmas special.

Sound recording of Will Want singing You need me, I don't need you demonstrating tone production and vocal speed of the artist in producing lyrics. Recorded at Duke University Recording Studio using Samson C01 Studio Condensor.

Sound recording of a woman reciting spoken word poetry at a far distance in an acoustic hallway. She is using the projection of her voice and the acoustics to carry her voice across a far distance, yet uphold the emotional authentic quality to her…