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Sound recording of the finale to Duke University’s Ciompi Quartet playing of Schubert’s Quartet in A minor in the Blackwell common room. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S6

Sound recording of a quartet coaching on a movement of Tchaikovsky's 3rd string quartet in a rehearsal room at UNCSA. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.

A professional violin player talk about the use of glissandos in both violin playing and opera singing. We think glissandos often represents crying, teasing and funny in music.

This typical string section of a galant/classical orchestra consists of first and second violins, viola, cello and bass. The string section of the orchestra plays an interlude between episodes of a movement. The first violins and violas play moving…

Sound recording of Kate Pearson playing Meditation by Massenet on a violin
Recorded on an iPhone 4

Sound recording of Kate Pearson playing the C major scale on a violin
Recorded on an iPhone 4

The dramatic application of Ritardando and A Tempo. Added constant speed beats into recordings to identify the tempo change.

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Violins play tremolo over moving ensemble line. Tremolo is a bowing technique for effect achieved by rapidly switching the direction of the bow while sustaining a specific pitch.

Sound recording of Hana Kim tuning her violin.