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Recording of a John Deere 630 tractor and John Deere 336 baler baling hay and kicking the bales into a wagon cart. Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by DanDem34.

Sound recording of wood being chopped.

The sounds made by a historical gristmill at Mount Vernon. Water is directed to turn a large wheel which then through a series of gears and pulleys turns a grinding stone.

A recording of three men working at a construction site in Durham, NC. The brief excerpt captures the laborers using a hand-held jig saw to cut through a piece of plywood.

Sound recording of an isolated pine tree swaying in the wind on a stormy, overcast day at Duke University.

Sound recording of a circular saw mill cutting cedar logs.

Audio recording of the cacophonous squawking produced by chickens kept in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Sound recording of migrant farmers manually harvesting sugarcane (sugar cane) outdoors in Vietnam.

The sound of a diesel tractor starting up in the morning in Browns Summit, North Carolina.