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Sound Recording of a person wearing a Pandora charm bracelet moving her wrist back and forth so that the charms bump against each other and the bracelet, making a "cling-cling" sound.

A sound recording of a circular saw buzzing.

Sound clip of a grandfather clock being wound. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.

A key is inserted into a metal mailbox. The box opens, its contents are removed, and the box is closed. / Un llave entrando en un buzón de correo. El buzón de correo esta abre, sus contenidos están sacando, y el buzón de correo está cerrado.

Sound recording of walking across a metal bridge of children's playground set. The bridge consists of separate panels connected together to form a loose bridge that swings and creaks as one walks across. Recorded with Zoom H4N.

Sound clip of metal wind chimes. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.

Sound recording of a xylophone being played.