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Two mechanical pencils were used as percussion instruments with AC conditioning as background noise. I created a few simple rhythms on an adjacent table. Recorded with Lenovo Thinkpad E550 laptop.

Extracto de un video de Paul Lopez tocando un ritmo merengue con dos congas. El tempo se acelera y se desacelera. | Excerpt from a video of Paul Lopez playing a merengue rhythm with two drums. The tempo accelerates and decelerates.

I play one bar of 8th notes on right hand, then the same thing on left hand, and then a bar right-hand lead 16th notes at a moderate tempo. I do the whole thing again starting on opposite hand for each section. Then, I raise several tempo up and do…

Una grabación de Miriam Levitin tocando su piano electrónico mientras usando auriculares. Solo el ritmo sincopado de la canción es audible al oyente. | A recording of Miriam Levitin playing her keyboard while wearing headphones. Only the…