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Sound recording of an airplane pilot announcing traditional protocol after landing his airplane in the Raleigh, Durham airport.

Sound of water boiling in an instant water heater. It is a metal kettle that is placed on a circular heating pad which heats the water up extremely quickly. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S6

The sound of walking down Columbus Avenue in Boston 3:00 PM while cars honk with other noises in the background. This area of Columbus Avenue was near the intersection with Clarendon Avenue.

Sound recording of the C1 Bus at the East Campus Bus Stop at Duke University. Includes sounds from the outside and inside of the bus. Recorded on a Nexus 5.

Following the spoken "fire!" command, four successive canon shots can be heard. All four are loud, reverberating bangs, with quick, silent breaks in-between. Recorded from real canons in historic Williamsburg on an IPhone 5.

Sound recording of the finale to Duke University’s Ciompi Quartet playing of Schubert’s Quartet in A minor in the Blackwell common room. Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S6

Sound recording of a student walking into Stevenson Dining Hall at Oberlin College. Recorded on an iPhone 5. The constant chatter in the background of the audio clip comes from various groups of people wrapped up in their own conversations. The…

A recording of a shower in the Giles 2nd Floor girls bathroom. Recorded on an iPhone 6.

Nestled into the safe comfort of a road-side branch, a group of baby birds call out to their mother. Three times, the call of another bird rises above the other bird calls. A perceptive ear can catch the faint calls of other birds that intermittently…

Sound recording of a key card swipe into a dorm building from an IPhone 4. It goes from the rattling of the keys in the beginning to the swiping of the card. It finishes with the door closing itself.

Recording of the water of one of two small lakes in the Arb at Oberlin College being blown into the pebbles on the bank. Recorded on a Tascam portable recorder.

Recording of dried leaves still attached to their tree, rattling because of the wind. Recorded on a Tascam portable recorder.

The sound of a small car driving by on W. Markham Avenue bordering Duke University around 2:00pm. I stood still and held my recorder, an iPhone 6, at my waist while standing on the sidewalk next to the street as the car drove past me.

A thirty second recording of piano playing on a Monday afternoon in the Brown Residence common room on East Campus, at Duke University. A track with a main focus on a casual amateur piano improvisation, running parallel to the general noise of a…

Sound recording of a Duke student speaking Russian. Includes information about her family and her time at Duke.

Recording of muddy ground being walked on on a rainy day, at the Arb at Oberlin College. Recorded on a Tascam portable recorder.

Sound recording of “Devilsgate” at Duke University Main Quad before the first football game of the 2015 season at approximately 4:00 PM. Sounds of people talking and music in the background can be heard. This was recorded with an iPhone 6 held at…

Sound recording of Duke Men’s Tennis team practice. Eleven players practicing at once. Recording done with iPhone 5. The phone was placed behind one of the courts during the recording.

This was recorded in peters hall from the perspective of someone walking on an old wood floor with an IPhone 4.